Uninformed: Informative Information for the Uninformed

Vol 8» 2007.Sep


The term steganography originates from the Greek root words ``steganos'' and ``graphein'' which literally mean ``covered writing''. As a sub-discipline of the academic discipline of information hiding, the primary goal of steganography is to hide the fact that communication is taking place[7,8,9] by concealing a message within a cover-medium in such a way that an observer can not discern the presence of the hidden message.

Conversely, steganalysis is the act of attempting to detect a concealed message which was hidden via the use of steganographic techniques[8], thus preventing a steganographer from achieving their primary goal. Common steganalysis techniques include statistical analysis of the properties of potential stego-medium, statistical analysis of extracted potential message data for properties of language, and many others such as specific techniques that target known steganographic embedding methods.