Uninformed: Informative Information for the Uninformed

Vol 8» 2007.Sep


This paper is structured in the following order: The first chapter provides an introduction, describes the motivation for this research, and covers some basic concepts and terminology for the subjects of Voice over IP (VoIP), Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), Steganography, and, more specifically, the use of steganography with an audio cover-medium. The second chapter defines the concept of real-time steganography, discusses using steganography with RTP, and describes some of the identified problems and challenges. The third chapter details the reference implementation entitled SteganRTP including a description of the project's goals, the implementation's operational architecture, process flow, message data structure, and functional sub-systems. The fourth chapter addresses the identified problems and challenges that were met and describes how they were solved. The fifth and final chapter concludes the paper with observations made as a result of this research effort.