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Vol 5» 2006.Sep

Installing Debug Stalk

The Debug Stalk extension can be built as follows. Open the Windows 2003 Server Build Environment window. Set the DBGSDK_INC_PATH and DBGSDK_LIB_PATH environment variables to specify the paths to the debugger SDK headers and the debugger SDK libraries, respectively. If the SDK is installed at c:\WINDBGSDK, the following would work:


This may vary depending on where the SDK is installed. The directory name must not contain a space (' ') in its path. The next step is to change directories to the project directory. If Debug Stalk source code is placed within the samples directory within the SDK (located at c:\\WINDBGSDK), then the following should work:

cd c:\WINDBGSDK\samples\dbgstalk-0.0.18

Typing build -cg at the command line to build the Debug Stalk project. Copy the dbgstalk.dll module from within this distribution to the root folder of the Debugging Tools for Windows root directory. This is the folder containing programs like cdb.exe and windbg.exe. If you have a default installation of "Debugging tools for Windows" already installed, the following should work:

copy dbgstalk.dll "c:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\"

The debugger plug-in should be installed at this point. It is important to note that Debug Stalk is a fairly new tool and has some reliability issues. It is a bit flakey and some hacking may be necessary in order to get it running properly.