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Vol 5» 2006.Sep

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Self Indulgence

When the collector decides to go a straight route (in terms of their industry), they can invest some time and money into setting up an infrastructure to lure potential clients to their web site. They first need to build a site that resembles a loan agency that allows visitors to send their applications to them. Once the collector has a website saving information to a database, he now hires mailers or spammers to advertise his website. The average return on spam has been extremely dynamic, and with more advanced filtering mechanisms in place, all a spammer can hope for is more effective evasion methods. The leads collected through this method are, on average, valued between eight and twelve US dollars per lead only because they are exclusive opt-ins6 (i.e. no one else should have this information as they obtained it directly from the client). There have been instances when leads are scarse however, and opt-ins sold for over twenty US dollars a lead. Semi-exclusive (or non-exclusive) leads on the other hand are usually half or less than the price of an exclusive lead.

The second method of collection is not as trivial as the first one sounds, although the first is a bit more involved than I actually described. I will elaborate further on what it takes to successfully build the infrastructure described above shortly.

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