Uninformed: Informative Information for the Uninformed

Vol 5» 2006.Sep

The Disaster

So far, I've covered in fairly good detail the structure of what was once a falling corporation taking a 180 degree turn and rising straight back up to the top. It is too well known though, that what goes up must come down and twice as fast as it went up.

The core of the problems started out when mailers began to falsify the content of the spam for their collectors. Mailers noticed that the lower the rate they advertised the more traffic they would drive to the collector's website. More traffic indicated a higher collection of leads which resulted in more money. Whether the mailers were aware of the laws before they did what they did is unknown to me but their lies resulted in law suites unfolding from all sides. Unhappy individuals who had been promised a 1.9% - 2.5% interest rate on a loan began filing law suites against the collectors. This resulted in a fairly large chain of angry partners. The hierarchy below indicates the ripple of disaster that came about.

Figure: Ripple of Disaster
Image ripples