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Vol 5» 2006.Sep

More on The Money

In this section, I will associate the roles described above with the amount of money they can generate. As described earlier, the mailer serves as the core distributor of an advertising campaign. As a company would pay a marketing company for it to advertise its products, a collector pays a mailer to generate leads (e.g advertise and generate revenue). He can also simply take matters into his or her own hands and do the dirty work himself. If a mailer is hired however, to properly track what a mailer collects there is a nifty procedure in place. Each mailer is given a unique ID number and the link spammed in each email contains the ID number. When a client submits information regarding his loan inquiry, the mailer's ID number is included and the collector now has record of how many leads a mailer is generating.10

A single spam run can be as large as two million emails. The time needed to complete a run that big depends on a few key factors - the method used for distribution and the spam software being used. If a decent sized list of proxies is used you can send an average of about forty thousand emails per half hour using Dark Mailer [Inside]. With a little math we can compute that transmitting two million emails would take about twenty-five hours. More over, if I were to shoot low and say that .01 percent of two million emails from a single spam run actually worked, the return for the collector on exclusive leads is about 200 leads per mailer at 10 dollars a lead results to about 2,000 USD. The mailers recieve on average about 8 per referal and can usually track their statistics through a web-based front end tracking their return on time investment in real-time.