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Sample Output

The standard output is also straightforward. Here is a sample of each supported command.

C:\grepexec>grepexec.exe -p 
EPROCESS=81736C88 CID=0354 NAME: svchost.exe 
EPROCESS=8174E238 CID=0634 NAME: explorer.exe 
EPROCESS=81792020 CID=027c NAME: winlogon.exe 

C:\grepexec>grepexec.exe -t 
EPROCESS=817993C0 ETHREAD=815D4A58 CID=0778.077c wscntfy.exe 
EPROCESS=8174AA88 ETHREAD=815D6860 CID=0408.0678 svchost.exe 
EPROCESS=819CA830 ETHREAD=815F3B30 CID=0004.0368 System 
EPROCESS=81792020 ETHREAD=81600398 CID=027c.0460 winlogon.exe 

C:\grepexec>grepexec.exe -d 
DRIVER=81722DA0 BASE=F9B5C000 \FileSystem\NetBIOS 
DRIVER=819A4B50 BASE=F983D000 \Driver\Ftdisk 
DRIVER=81725DA0 BASE=00000000 \Driver\Win32k
DRIVER=81771880 BASE=F9EB4000 \Driver\Beep 

C:\grepexec>grepexec.exe -e 
DEVICE=81733860 \Driver\IpNat        NAME: IPNAT 
DEVICE=81738958 \Driver\Tcpip        NAME: Udp 
DEVICE=817394B8 \Driver\Tcpip        NAME: RawIp
DEVICE=81637CE0 \FileSystem\Srv      NAME: LanmanServer