Uninformed: Informative Information for the Uninformed

Vol 2» 2005.Sept

The Experiment

The experiment conducted was not a full-blown implementation of a PAP. The experiment was designed to test a wide variety of chipsets, cards, and drivers for compatibility with the standard and susceptibility to association re-direction. To this end all the cards were subjected to every reasonable intrepretation of the standard.

The experiment was conducted by making some simple changes to the host-ap driver on Linux. Host-ap can operate in Access Point mode as well as in client mode. All the modifications were made in Access Point mode. Host-ap's client-side performance is unrelated to the changes made for the experiment.

The experiment was conducted in two phases. First, host-ap was modified to mangle all management frames by modifying the source, BSSID, source and BSSID (at the same time). The results of this are reflected in table one.

After this was complete, host-ap was modified to return authentication replies un-mangled. This was due to the amount of cards that simply ignored mangled authentication replys. These results are cataloged in table two.