Uninformed: Informative Information for the Uninformed

Vol 1» 2005.May

Getting Started

Although this document is designed to speak at an introductory level, it is expected that the reader satisfies the following prerequisites:
  1. Understanding of hexadecimal number system
  2. The ability to develop basic C applications
  3. The ability to install and properly configure WinDBG
  4. Access to a computer running Windows XP with WinMine installed3.1

The following are suggested materials to have available while reading this document:

  1. IA-32 Instruction Set Reference A-M [7]
  2. IA-32 Instruction Set Reference N-Z [7]
  3. IA-32 Volume 1 - Basic Architecture [7]
  4. Microsoft Platform SDK [4]
  5. Debugger Quick Reference [8]

First, WinDBG and the Symbol Packages3.2 need to be properly installed and configured. WinDBG is part of The Debugging Tools Windows3.3 package.

While these download, the time will be passed by identifing potential goals, articulating what a debugger is, what abilities they provide, what symbols are, and how they are useful when debugging applications.